When the front desk workers call me when I am not on duty

Can we move in on the 23rd instead of that Friday? Because I heard that it's better to do it that day since it's less busy-ish.


Move in just starts on Friday, but you can move in at any point that weekend before classes begin. Honestly, all the days are busy. Sure, Saturday and Sundays might have less of a rush but their are still plenty of cars to contend with since now there are a bunch of people living on campus. Just resolve that it is going to be one hot, long, busy day of your summer before the fun and learning begins.

Was that cheesy or what?

The Fault In Our Stars

You might think you’re ready for the movie.. but in reality you’re not.

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convinced that Jen wants to be a Disney character

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We were cheated out of everything…

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How Will I Know

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